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  • Single: Ditch Days – Private Eyes

    Single: Ditch Days – Private Eyes

    “Private Eyes” is the lead single from Ditch Days’ sophomore album. It’s both a comeback to the recording studio and the beginning of a new chapter in the band’s journey. Guided by mysterious vocals, satin synths sparkling guitars, the sensual atmosphere serves as a Backdrop to talk about a commonplace in many relationships: suspicion. A […]

  • LP:Wandering Years – Pocket Songs

    LP:Wandering Years – Pocket Songs

    Pocket Songs is the new 10-song release from Brooklyn’s Wandering Years. Written and recorded at home during lockdown from 2020-2022, the album features a compilation of short-and-sweet tracks with earnest, heart-on-your sleeve songwriting, catchy hooks, and lo-fi bedroom production. Fans of Elliott Smith, Bill Callahan, and Alex G will vibe with the fragile, honest songwriting […]

  • Bedroom Sessions by Subsonic Eye

    Bedroom Sessions by Subsonic Eye

    On April 30, 2020, Subsonic Eye released a new album called Bedroom Sessions on Bandcamp with its sales dedicated and to be donated to an organization. “This whole COVID19 situation sucks for all of us, but it’s even worse for some people. 100% of sales will be donated to TWC2, a non-profit organisation that helps […]

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