• Macajey – Mornin’

    Macajey – Mornin’

    Mornin’ is a new track by Macajey that aims to give a template of a day, one that for him personally, would be perfect.  In musical terms, this is expressed with a driving rhythm punctuated with express guitar soundscapes, breaks, atmospheric swells, and relaxed vocals that represent the myriad of events and colors that can […]

  • maxime. – twenty20

    maxime. – twenty20

    maxime., an alt-pop artist from Canada drops a catchy single, “twenty20” Off his next album, “cerulean.” Last December 2019, maxime. released his debut album, “whatevernowiscalled”, which garnered 3.8M streams and also charted the NACC 200 (US/CA college radio). Now, he is focusing on his next album, ‘cerulean’, a 15-track album that’s expected to be released […]

  • Slow Caves – Walk in the Park

    Slow Caves – Walk in the Park

    “Walk in the Park was written while falling in love with a close friend of mine. It was the most dreamy, summer romance. It was also during a realization of the importance of self-love and focusing on mental health. Going on walks is really beneficial to my mental health and so are open and public […]

  • Reveal Party – I Love My Brothers

    Reveal Party – I Love My Brothers

    I Love My Brothers is a love letter to men, wholesome masculinity, untraditional masculinity, vulnerability, solidarity and love. Speaking about the track, Reveal Party said: As a trans woman I obviously felt quite trapped in masculinity. I write all the time about this feeling and what specific aspects of masculinity made me feel that way. […]

  • Jaguar Sun – Keep You Warm

    Jaguar Sun – Keep You Warm

    Keep You Warm is about the trials two people face in a relationship, the moments you’re both down, the moments you’re confused and upset, but the moments you have to turn things around as well.  Jaguar Sun is a solo project created by multi instrumentalist Chris Minielly. Weaving together inspiration from bands such as STRFKR, […]

  • Slowsie drops self-produced debut EP, “Late At Night”

    Slowsie drops self-produced debut EP, “Late At Night”

    Slowsie’s self-produced debut EP, Late At Night (2020), is a light-hearted collection of songs inspired by songwriter Michael Pearson’s lifelong struggle with insomnia, which came to a head after moving from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to attend university. The record features Brian Johnson on drums, Jacob Alappatt on bass, and Tomasz Tabernacki on lead guitar. […]

  • Carnival Kid – Porcelain

    Carnival Kid – Porcelain

    ‘Porcelain’ is a funky laid-back indie tune about obsession and self-representation. It’s a tongue-in-cheek view on the discrepancy between reality and depiction. Carnival Kid is an indie / alternative solo project by Christian Stezycki and he just released ‘Porcelain’, his forth single in 2020 that will also be featured in his upcoming EP, ‘Ever Present […]

  • Gaspard Eden – Pancakes

    Gaspard Eden – Pancakes

    To Gaspard Eden, the musical textures of Pancakes evoke a cake with wacky flavors. Eden sings Pancakes in a naive and childlike manner with high-pitched verses that reminds Sesame Street. His literal songwriting style expresses with vulnerability the needs to have a family. Through a candid humor, Eden reveals how he deeply value some mundane […]

  • Stray Fossa returns with their latest single “For What Was”

    Stray Fossa returns with their latest single “For What Was”

    This is Stray Fossa’s return to the spotlight after 6 months with one of their bounciest and most energetic tracks yet. The standalone track is a departure from their typical dreamy sound as the band explores a more up-tempo, bouncy, and energetic performance.  The band describes the making of “For What Was” as a burst […]

  • Shy Curves – Dreamboat

    Shy Curves – Dreamboat

    ’Dreamboat’ is the first track from Shy Curves’ debut EP “Stay Home”, and is also a song about falling in love to a bestfriend. About Shy Curves: Subtle references to shoegaze, emo, slowcore, and post-punk create Shy Curve’s distinctive sound. You can expect lush dreamy guitar tones, cutting rhythmic sections and vocalist Omar Lizarraga’s gentle […]

  • Love Montage – My First Gtr

    Love Montage – My First Gtr

    ”2020 has been rough. I recorded this tune during lockdown here in Nashville as kind of a pep talk to myself. I wanted to tap into the feelings that made me fall in love with music to begin with.”– Love Montage Love Montage is Solomo’s passion project and his sound falls somewhere in between Surf […]

  • Video: beach babies – Marathon

    Video: beach babies – Marathon

    “Marathon” is the first single of Cologne based group, beach babies, who not just share songs but also feelings for each other. It was written on their living room carpet, recorded and produced fully by themselves. beach babies are Veronique and Jonah, both with love for each other and for the music. If you want […]

  • sweater boy – need to need you

    sweater boy – need to need you

    sweater boy is a musical project by David Moran that started on Soundcloud in 2019; and they just dropped “need you to need me”, the 1st single of their upcoming EP, ‘i’d rather be dead than be alone.“ Speaking about the track, sweater boy said: “‘need to need you’ is a reflective reminder to myself […]

  • Video: Convenience Store – Oz Mud

    Video: Convenience Store – Oz Mud

    Following the release of their debut singles, Melbourne creative collective Convenience Store have quickly amassed a global online fanbase. Following this, they return to feed anticipation with their dreamy indie effort: ‘Oz Mud’. In their atmospheric new single ‘Oz Mud’, Melbourne act Convenience Store render a unique indie rock number with nuanced, glimmering focus. Melodic […]

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