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  • Thoughts on the Ceiling by Nautics [Pre-Save]

    PRE-SAVE THE NEW SINGLE OUT MAY 21, 2020 Combining 90s dance with a 2000s indie, “Thoughts on the Ceiling” captures the anxieties of one lover waiting on the other. Infused with light House vibes and a recognizable bright indie guitars.“Thoughts on the Ceiling” is a song that can be enjoyed by anybody regardless of how […]

  • Bedroom Sessions by Subsonic Eye

    Bedroom Sessions by Subsonic Eye

    On April 30, 2020, Subsonic Eye released a new album called Bedroom Sessions on Bandcamp with its sales dedicated and to be donated to an organization. “This whole COVID19 situation sucks for all of us, but it’s even worse for some people. 100% of sales will be donated to TWC2, a non-profit organisation that helps […]

  • Lido by Sacramento

    Lido is the debut first album of fresh, three pieces band led by Stefano F. who composes and arranges all the songs. Sicilian born and raised, from the sunny coastal town of Siracusa, Stefano’s been carrying his American heritage transmitted from his phoenix-born mother all his life. A synth pop folk with an easygoing mood, a […]

  • Dog Cuddles by Dad Sports

    “This is the first song my friend alex and I put out under this project, and is still our favorite.

  • Gone By Kevin Kaho Tsui

    kevin kaho tsui · Gone     “‘Gone’ was written when I was traveling alone in Japan a year ago

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