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  • Single: Gardening – Second Sight

    Single: Gardening – Second Sight

    London-based band, Gardening (formerly known as Mirror Shot) released a new single, “Second Sight” on Label Fandango. The four-piece band Gardening, Niall Rush (vocals, guitars), Adam Smith (guitars, vocals), Olivia Horrox (drums, percussion), Mikey Burton (bass, vocals), changed their name from Mirror Shot after releasing their previous single, Taste Invader, to avoid getting regularly confused with another new […]

  • Video: Superlove – Jarvis Put The Record On

    Video: Superlove – Jarvis Put The Record On

    Berlin-based indie duo, Superlove will be releasing “Jarvin Put The Record On” via the Safe Suburban Home Records’ cassette series on August 7. The duo of Daniel Borg and Alexandra Aquilina make a bi-lingual patchwork of classic indie moments which fits perfectly with the label’s mission to uncover and expose the best underground artists.  “Jarvis […]

  • Single: Elephant Castle – My Muse

    Single: Elephant Castle – My Muse

    Elephant Castle​ – the retro-inspired indie rock project from Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist ​Phil Danyew​, released a new single, “My Muse.” It is his 4th single after leaving the band Foster The People to pursue his own music. The track was inspired by the sacred and addicting process of creating – the feeling that music […]

  • Single: KRNA – In Time

    Single: KRNA – In Time

    Dream Pop band from the Philippines, “KRNA” returns with a new single, “In Time,” after the release of their successful debut EP, “The River Gold” in 2018. “In Time” tackles about feeling stuck and indecisive about something that causes you misery, unable to decide if you’ll hold back or move forward. Although KC (the vocalist) […]

  • Single: Soare – You

    Single: Soare – You

    UK artist and producer, Soare reflects on himself through his romantic relationship with his new single, “You.” The track was written, recorded, and produced in Soare’s bedroom amid the UK coronavirus lockdown measures and it tackles about the transition from romantic relationship into platonic relationship. Crafted to be an uplifting and catchy heartbreak soundtrack, this […]

  • Video: Sun Era – you always say

    Video: Sun Era – you always say

    Sun Era, an indie musician from Maryland just released the cozy music video for “you always say,” a track off of his new EP, “you busy?” The music video appears to be as hazy and delicate as the four-track EP. While the awesome rawness and outstanding guitar work and melodies on each track are as […]

  • Single: Bestfriend – Last Bus In The A.M.

    Single: Bestfriend – Last Bus In The A.M.

    Bestfriend’s latest release, “Last Bus In The A.M.” feels like a warm blanket or like driving alone at night. It also gives you those beautiful sound, soothing vocals, and beaming nostalgia. The Indie Pop duo describes this as their first release where they have found their footing and really feel comfortable enough now to dive […]

  • Debut EP: Gillie – Open Up, Honey

    Debut EP: Gillie – Open Up, Honey

    London-based singer-songwriter, Gillie, recently released her debut EP, Open Up, Honey. The three-track EP is a grunge, indie-folk gem. Its lyrics are enhanced by Gillie’s soulful-lullaby vocals and gentle yet captivating instruments. As it takes you to a world of complex feelings, the artist explains, “Thematically it bases itself around the feeling of emerging from […]

  • Album: HAWAII94 – Visualise

    Album: HAWAII94 – Visualise

    HAWAII94’s latest album “Visualise” is a nostalgic and dreamy-like masterpiece with warm and hypnotic guitar lines. The use of both analog and digital instruments and effects on this are solid and melodies on each track are serene and too attractive. Every song on this album is worth listening to. HAWAII94 is a solo project by […]

  • Single: Dominic Wolf – All And Nothing

    Single: Dominic Wolf – All And Nothing

    London-based singer-songwriter and producer, Dominic Wolf has released his new single “All And Nothing”. It’s a track off of his upcoming 2-track EP, “The House Is Falling Apart” due for release on August 16th 2020. Even with its bright and upbeat tune with a bit of summery sound, It’s a song that explores the artist’s […]

  • Single: blondmodel – Heroin Honey

    Single: blondmodel – Heroin Honey

    blondmodel’s new single, “Heroin Honey” is made for the day the world returns to normal and you might just up and leave to somewhere a little bit nicer. Taking whoever you can with you. Using a main synth line and a hopping bass the song bounces between you ears to reassure you this could be […]

  • Fetch Tiger – I Can’t Compete

    Fetch Tiger – I Can’t Compete

    After Successfully releasing their sophomore single, ‘Best Design’ which gained plays from Amazing Radio and was featured as London’s Hoxton Radio’s “Trade of the Week”, London-based Indie artist, Fetch Tiger returns with third single, “I Can’t Compete”. Speaking about the track, Fetch Tiger said: “’I Can’t Compete’ explores the haunting fear of becoming irrelevant – […]

  • Yaglander – Out To Dry

    Yaglander – Out To Dry

    “Out To Dry” is a track from Yaglander’s EP, “Straight and Narrow.” It is about being in a state of purgatory, you’re neither here or there. Hitting a wall in life and everything is behind you. Fantasising about about ridiculous things that are impossible. The song also touches on hiding your true feelings, feeling lower […]

  • elkyn – yue

    elkyn – yue

    “yue” is a refreshing track from elkyn’s debut EP, “beech”. It has that really gentle guitar and very sweet sound that will calm anything down. elkyn is 22 year old song writer and multi-instrumentalist, Joseph Donnelly. He writes songs that are an acute reflection of his beautiful heart with carefully crafted lyrics erupting with honesty […]

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