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  • KENT VALLEY – Blueworks

    KENT VALLEY – Blueworks

    Blueworks is the lead track of KENT VALLEY’s long-awaited mini-album “Momentary Note.” It’s a delicate and hopeful pop song with a synth pop twist, a steady drums beat and dreamy vocals that lead us on a trip to the clouds. It was mixed by the composer and engineer Kazuyuki Onouchi, who has co-produced some of […]

  • Single: Chez Ali – Care 4 U

    Single: Chez Ali – Care 4 U

    Swedish artist Chez Ali (real name Elias Mahfoud) return with new single ‘Care 4 U‘. It’s the first taste of a string of singles that will be released throughout the upcoming months and sees the saxophone take a big place just as it’s done on stage for Chez Ali during the last year.  Rama Lama Records · […]

  • Video: Myrkvi – Crossroads

    Video: Myrkvi – Crossroads

    ‘Crossroads‘ is the fourth single from the Icelandic indie musician Myrkvi and the second released by Sony. Myrkvi has enjoyed an excellent start to his career: his debut single reached 2nd place on the main radio chart in Iceland and he has started to attract some interest from abroad. ‘Crossroads’ is a laid-back song about reminiscing and […]

  • Single: Tomás Tomás – Elizabeth

    Single: Tomás Tomás – Elizabeth

    Tomás Tomás · Elizabeth New York singer-songwriter, Tomás Tomás offers up a hypnotic, synth-driven sound on his new release titled “Elizabeth”. The lead single of his forthcoming The Car Drives Itself  EP, it conjures up elements of new-wave and electronica through the lens of sobering, bittersweet lyricism with serene vocals to match. “Elizabeth” comes alongside a mesmerizing music video […]

  • Single: boxset – jar

    Single: boxset – jar

    “jar”is the new single from boxset, the Jersey-based artist, Rob Dunphey. It is the lead single from the upcoming EP ‘batch_six’, which officially releases 28th August (cassette/digital) via Devil Town Tapes. ‘jar’ sees Dunphey daydreaming his way through a surrealistic tale of ants coming out of the colony in search of food (and ultimately coming unstuck by a higher power). […]

  • Video: For Sure – The Last Dance

    Video: For Sure – The Last Dance

    “The Last Dance” is the 3rd single by For Sure from their upcoming 6-track collection, Distance Demos, coming out August 28th. This song is For Sure’s most pop-centric track, dialing in on an accessible snappy rhythm, with glittery layered vocals, reverb’d melodic guitars & synths, maintaining their rich catchy dream-pop style. The song follows the story […]

  • Video: Salarymen – Runaway

    Video: Salarymen – Runaway

    ‘Runaway’ is a duet written about wanting to escape the stresses of modern life and the isolation imposed by COVID-19 lockdowns. The track masterfully combines elements of vintage pop and modern indie rock, taking inspiration from the likes of Blondie, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Beach House and Arcade Fire. From the get go, the track’s bright, boppy […]

  • Single: Rook Monroe – Jolie

    Single: Rook Monroe – Jolie

    Rook Monroe‘s debut single sets an organic tone in the first step of his earnest narrative. As it reaches the chorus, he lofts in falsetto the eponymous Jolie over finely crafted production from his close collaborators, Trackside (Tinashe, BabyJake, Selena Gomez). The driving track nonetheless dances tenderly, laced with a moving bassline and moody horns. Crafted in LA as […]

  • EP: Charlotte Rose Benjamin – Party City Solo

    EP:  Charlotte Rose Benjamin – Party City Solo

    NYC singer-songwriter, Charlotte Rose Benjamin releases Party City Solo EP, an acoustic addendum to her debut Party City EP, which also came out earlier this year via Neon Gold Records / Moshi Moshi. Speaking about the EP, Charlotte Rose says: “I spent most of my time during the lockdown at my parents house on Martha’s Vineyard where I grew up. All I’ve […]

  • In Case You Missed Them: New Songs To Vibe To

    In Case You Missed Them: New Songs To Vibe To

    In cased you missed them, here are some new songs you can vibe, chill, or relax to. 

  • Single: June First – i dont mind

    Single: June First – i dont mind

    With pearlescent guitar strums, groovy bass line, and infectious chorus, June First’s latest single, ‘i dont mind‘ is an exploration into the push and pull of falling for someone. Speaking about the track, June First said: “I wrote this song after spending my last quarter at UCLA within the four walls of my childhood bedroom. […]

  • Single: fanclubwallet – Bike Song

    Single: fanclubwallet – Bike Song

    “Bike Song” is fanclubwallet’s fourth consecutive single. It’s a chill yet vibrant track with warm vocals and dreamy, twangy guitars. Though it’s a perfect song to vibe to in lazy summer days, it is also filled with bittersweet reflections. fanclubwallet describes, “It’s all about reflecting on the places you spend time in, and saying goodbye […]

  • Grease Weasel – Chicxulub, the Conspiracy

    Grease Weasel – Chicxulub, the Conspiracy

    “Chicxulub, the Conspiracy“ is a track off of Grease Weasel’s “Laundry Room Blooms” EP. Behind the track’s soothing vocals and smooth jazzy instruments is a very interesting story. Describing the track, Grease Weasel said: “This song is about Chicxulub, the name given to the crater that was made when the asteroid that wiped out the […]

  • Video: Ashley Koett – You Forgot To Move

    Video: Ashley Koett – You Forgot To Move

    Ashley Koett’s latest release, “You Forgot To Move” is the 2nd single off of her upcoming debut album. Filmed and edited by Ashley Koett herself, the music video captures the track’s perky and lo-fi vibe. The track also showcased her talent in making music. Aside from her amazing ability to write and her soft yet […]

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