Single: Derek Simpson – Naked Forever

Single: Derek Simpson – Naked Forever

While many of us have been caught in a vicious loop of procrastination, Derek Simpson has been steadily churning out new material. Earlier this year, Simpson released their hypnotic slow jam “Hide + Seek”,  a free album and short film “bad_connection,” and minimalist nu-disco gem “Sofia.” Today, Simpson returns with “Naked Forever”, a bubbly reflection on surrendering to one’s own nature.

“Naked Forever” is an effortless listen. Simpson’s voice dances delicately along with laid-back guitar and a leisurely rhythm section. An inquisitive synth motif enters midway, offering a welcomed new texture. The track is the latest in a series of tranquil and meditative grooves from Simpson, lulling the listener into a dreamlike ecstasy.

To further contextualize, Simpson shared the following:

Nature taking its course is truly a wild thing to behold. Surrendering to your own nature is an even more surreal experience. There is undoubtedly a playful air to it all though and this track is drenched in it, serving as a bubbly reflection of all this beautiful strangeness.

Derek Simpson Socials:

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