Video: Luminous Kid – A Restless Heart Would Rather Float in Space

Luminous Kid is back with a softer, more introspective new single, “A Restless Heart Would Rather Float in Space.” It was written under the northern lights in Norway and is a contemplation on the pains of transitioning into adulthood, and the importance of staying anchored to our loved ones even while navigating a greater sense of insignificance. It’s accompanied by a stunning underwater video that he directed himself.

Luminous Kid spent last December holed up under a freezing green arctic sky. “I wrote the song while I was living in a cabin at the end of a gravel road facing a fjord. It was just me and my painter friend. We left our phones back home to be able to fully merge with nature without any distractions. We wanted to access something close to complete isolation. Since we were staying above the polar circle, the sun didn’t rise above the horizon once for our entire stay, but the nights were all bright green and red from aurora borealis.”

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