Single: Kyle Woods – Sleeping City

Independent Musician based in Dublin, Ireland, Kyle Woods reflects on the experience of Inebration and Infatuation in new single “Sleeping City.”

The song deals with the intertwining of alcohol and a relationship. They become synonymous, comparing drinking to an unhealthy romantic relationship and dependency. The narrator wants to break free from this dependency and recognises the danger of the situation. However, as the lyrics describe, there is a push and pull that puts the likelihood of breaking free into question.

Musically, the intention was to create a dreamy, romantic song that reflects the experience of inebriation and infatuation. Some of the sounds were inspired by Roy Orbison’s more dreamy songs and the opening theme for Twin Peaks. As such, there are some musical elements, which are reflective of older decades of music, including influences from the 50s and 80s.

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