Video: Myrkvi – Crossroads

Video: Myrkvi – Crossroads

‘Crossroads‘ is the fourth single from the Icelandic indie musician Myrkvi and the second released by Sony. Myrkvi has enjoyed an excellent start to his career: his debut single reached 2nd place on the main radio chart in Iceland and he has started to attract some interest from abroad.

‘Crossroads’ is a laid-back song about reminiscing and change. An uplifting guitar melody introduces the listener to a jangly verse which opens into a feel-good chorus full of memories.

Myrkvi on ‘Crossroads’:

“I was cat-sitting for my friends’ parents when I wrote this song. It was during a Christmas break in the middle of my University studies, which had increasingly started to consume me. I was finding less and less time for doing what I love, writing music. At the same time, I was beginning to see the finish line.”

 “Look up, time really flies.
Its ruthless smile on your back from the sky.”

“I was quite torn about what should follow, whether to pursue a career in music or economics, and had this sudden urge to reminisce when writing the chorus. I ended up making the decision that I knew would make me happy. When faced with big decisions, it can help to look back and see where you have come from. 

I have always wanted to make a skateboarding music video and felt this song would fit perfectly. My friends and I used to skateboard a bit back in the day, although I was never good at it. I am still a big fan and thrilled to be able to support the local scene.”

You can also listen to Crossroads on Spotify.


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