Single: Tomás Tomás – Elizabeth

Single: Tomás Tomás – Elizabeth

New York singer-songwriter, Tomás Tomás offers up a hypnotic, synth-driven sound on his new release titled “Elizabeth”. The lead single of his forthcoming The Car Drives Itself  EP, it conjures up elements of new-wave and electronica through the lens of sobering, bittersweet lyricism with serene vocals to match. “Elizabeth” comes alongside a mesmerizing music video directed by Kevin Lombardo that tracks Tomás Tomás through the cityscape where beauty and chaos intersect. The entire crew behind the visuals alongside Lombardo is a dream team that features editor BRTHR and director of photography Patrick Golan to collectively mastermind the final product. 

Tomás Tomás explains, “When i sat down to write ‘Elizabeth’, my only objective was to put pen to paper and see what came to mind & it wasn’t until days later that I understood exactly what the song was about. It was very much like a dream. You close your eyes and these complex subconscious thoughts manifest themselves into images, & only when a dream lingers in your mind for days are you able to decipher the meaning. For me, that was what happened with Elizabeth. In the ensuing days after recording the track, it developed into this voice that I so desperately needed to hear. a voice saying ‘roll with the punches, the storm will hold. We have all felt ‘stuck’ at one point or another. When I wrote this song, I was going though a major tug of war both socially and emotionally, and trying to find balance. ‘Elizabeth’ allowed me to understand that sometimes in life you have to take leaps without seeing the landing area, stalling and overthinking will lead to a stand still, you have to keep moving forward.”

You can also listen to Elizabeth on Spotify.

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