Video: Ashley Koett – You Forgot To Move

Video: Ashley Koett – You Forgot To Move

Ashley Koett’s latest release, “You Forgot To Move” is the 2nd single off of her upcoming debut album.

Filmed and edited by Ashley Koett herself, the music video captures the track’s perky and lo-fi vibe.
The track also showcased her talent in making music. Aside from her amazing ability to write and her soft yet captivating vocals, she also experimented with the guitar and chord arrangements. “While writing this song I had been listening to and learning how to play a lot of bossa nova and jazz music on guitar. I wanted to take inspiration from the complex chords of the music I had been learning to play, and use them in a way that jazz chords aren’t typically arranged,” says Ashley.
She even used a toy keyboard from a thrift store to make the synths on the background.

Lyrically, the track is trying to represent the moments of calm and recollection she feels after having a panic attack. Ashley explains, “I had been struggling a lot with anxiety at the time and felt like the repetitive, circular movement of the song matched with how I feel when I am totally dissociated before and after an episode of panic.“

You can also listen to “You Forgot To Move” on Spotify.

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