Video: Superlove – Jarvis Put The Record On

Video: Superlove – Jarvis Put The Record On

Berlin-based indie duo, Superlove will be releasing “Jarvin Put The Record On” via the Safe Suburban Home Records’ cassette series on August 7.

The duo of Daniel Borg and Alexandra Aquilina make a bi-lingual patchwork of classic indie moments which fits perfectly with the label’s mission to uncover and expose the best underground artists. 

“Jarvis Put The Record On” is inspired by a chance encounter with Pulp legend, Jarvis Cocker, as Borg explains, “In our first year in Berlin we had tried to get tickets for a screening of Life, Death and Supermarkets (the documentary on Pulp’s final performance) but tickets sold out too fast.

Built on a cheap Casio Keyboard purchased in a second-hand shop and influenced by Pavement, Belle and Sebastian, Mac Demarco and, of course, Pulp, it is a classic piece of quirk-pop, driven by vivid lyrical storytelling. The lo-fi eccentricity of the track was cemented when the keyboard died after recording the initial demo. Because of that, this one-take keyboard track forms a large part of the finished track adding something quirky to the final recording.

The B-side ‘Me and My 909’ is built around another piece of technology, Borg’s TR909 drum machine. Recorded in one take he aimed to “write a song with the most basic beat to enhance the beauty of this machine.” And it achieves this goal taking a slowed-down version of New Order’s electronic indie template and infusing the influence of listening to Slowdive on repeat.

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