Single: KRNA – In Time

Dream Pop band from the Philippines, “KRNA” returns with a new single, “In Time,” after the release of their successful debut EP, “The River Gold” in 2018.

“In Time” tackles about feeling stuck and indecisive about something that causes you misery, unable to decide if you’ll hold back or move forward. Although KC (the vocalist) was initially inspired to write for a friend, the song later evolved into something more personal. The vocalist explains, “The lyrics start by painting an optimistic outlook for the future while forgetting pain from the past, but the persona eventually realizes you have the choice to still have a good life while living with that pain. It’s our choices that make us who we are.”

Its soothing and melancholy inducing sound evokes a feeling of calmness and a sense of deep reflection amidst not knowing what to do with your self between complex decisions in life. The dreamy vocals and smooth bass line are also beautifully intertwined to make this song the perfect soundtrack to keep you company through obstacles and difficult times.

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