Single: Dominic Wolf – All And Nothing

London-based singer-songwriter and producer, Dominic Wolf has released his new single “All And Nothing”. It’s a track off of his upcoming 2-track EP, “The House Is Falling Apart” due for release on August 16th 2020.

The track was written, composed, produced, and mixed by Dominic Wolf, and mastered by Tim Rowkins

Even with its bright and upbeat tune with a bit of summery sound, It’s a song that explores the artist’s days and thoughts during the quarantine. Dominic Wolf says, “I wrote “All And Nothing” in the early days of the coronavirus quarantine. A time where many bad things got considerably worse for me pretty much overnight. My experience dealing with this sudden change made me think of what really matters in a different way, which is why the title “All And Nothing” made sense. At the same time,I had been listening to a lot of old western music, bands like Sons Of The Pioneers, which influenced the way I approached the guitar sounds and vocal harmonies.

You can also watch the video here:

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