Yaglander – Out To Dry

“Out To Dry” is a track from Yaglander’s EP, “Straight and Narrow.” It is about being in a state of purgatory, you’re neither here or there. Hitting a wall in life and everything is behind you. Fantasising about about ridiculous things that are impossible. The song also touches on hiding your true feelings, feeling lower than you’re letting on.

Yaglander is the project of North London-based artist Joel McConkey. Yaglander’s sonic palette takes inspiration from post-punk bands such as Wire, Devo, and The Fall, embracing raw, baggy yet somehow rigid grooves. The project wouldn’t exist without a love of pop melody, odd pop sensibilities of Arthur Russell, Tonetta and Ariel Pink making an impact, with Joel fascinated by the idea of the underdog pop star – “a budget Brian Ferry!” he states.

Listen to the full EP here:

The EP was recorded in Joel’s sister’s old bedroom at his parents’ house around Christmas, after having left Cornwall with eyes on a move to London. The three tracks that form the EP represent his state of limbo at that time, the paralysing reality of dead end jobs, feelings of incompetence and envy as well as a desire to pursue his own music whatever the consequences.

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