Shy Curves – Dreamboat

’Dreamboat’ is the first track from Shy Curves’ debut EP “Stay Home”, and is also a song about falling in love to a bestfriend.

About Shy Curves:

Subtle references to shoegaze, emo, slowcore, and post-punk create Shy Curve’s distinctive sound. You can expect lush dreamy guitar tones, cutting rhythmic sections and vocalist Omar Lizarraga’s gentle delivery. The duo hails from Cambridge, MA (home of Harvard University) which led to the group jokingly being dubbed as “Ivy League Emo”. Their debut EP “Stay Home” written during the COVID-19 pandemic embodies the personality of the state of the world. A melancholic sound that reflects feelings of isolation, longing, nostalgia and being stuck in one’s own bedroom. The 5 track record tips its hat to 90s alternative rock whilst painting a new hue, exploring themes of love, lust, loss and isolation. Curating a signature sound from the start, Shy Curves is definitely carving their place in the scene.

Speaking about the track, Shy Curves said:

“I wrote this song about being in love with my best friend who is married and about how we hold our friendship dear“

Listen to the full ‘Stay Home’ EP:

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