Video: Convenience Store – Oz Mud

Video: Convenience Store – Oz Mud

Following the release of their debut singles, Melbourne creative collective Convenience Store have quickly amassed a global online fanbase. Following this, they return to feed anticipation with their dreamy indie effort: ‘Oz Mud’.

In their atmospheric new single ‘Oz Mud’, Melbourne act Convenience Store render a unique indie rock number with nuanced, glimmering focus. Melodic guitars reminiscent of Midwest emo weave together to create a symphonic, vibrating track punctuated by hums and glitches. An early brass section evolves into an increasingly chaotic arrangement which later explodes into a nebulous shoegazing crescendo.
Vocalist Beacs’ performance sits tenuously in the midst of chaos, as he sings of a wistful, longing for a lover who has moved on. Punchy drum strokes and dynamic synth currents mesh to form a numb and disquieting melange which, just as Beacs confesses of his mind, “rolls for some time and ends at the foot of your bed”.

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