Random Discoveries: VALA / Hardly / ME / Montrell / Joe Peter and more

Random Discoveries for July!

Here’s a short compilation of songs I’ve discovered without sticking to just one vibe or the usual sound that I’ve always only been looking for. I’m sure you’ll like these songs too!

VALA – Only One

Vala is an indie pop group based in Manchester and they’ve released Only One as a follow up single to Say You Want It (That Way).

Vala Links:

Hardly – Savor

“Savor” is about a very recent relationship I had, I even wrote, recorded, and mixed it all while still in the relationship.” – Hardly

Hardly Links:

ME – Can’t Get Enough

“Can’t Get Enough” is ME’s recently released single, a summer jam and tribute to all the beautiful people in her life.

ME Links:

Montrell – Friends

”Friends” is a nostalgic and refreshing new single of Montrell, a band from Winchester, Leicester and Kingston.

Montrell Links:

Joe Peter – Self Adhesive

“I dunno why but I wanted to kick things off with something that was a bit more guitar based than my other tracks. Lyrically, it was written as a kick up the arse to myself, but also as a reminder to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again.” – Joe Peter

Joe Peter Links:

Kennen – City Lights

City Lights,” Kennen’s new single from his upcoming debut EP, is a chill pop song that will make you want to hit up your friends for a night drive, a 12AM burger run, or a trip to the beach to stare at the waves and the silhouette of the skyline.

Kennen Links:

Sky Days – How It Started

How It Started is the debut single from Sky Days, the dream pop solo project of producer Jack O’Hea who is also known for his collaborative project Kirk Francis. During the UK lockdown in the Spring, Jack was isolated in Cornwall, South West England, during this time he wrote and produced ‘How It Started’.

Sky Days Links:

The Branch Davidians – Carlee Ray

”Carlee Ray” is The Branch Davidians’ tribute song to Carly Rae Jepsen.

The Branch Davidians Links:

Venice 91’ – What a Beautiful Thing

What a beautiful thing is Venice ‘91’s new single that was recorded remotely from the members’ homes.

Venice ‘91 Links:

reilly – sweetea

“I’ve written music for a while and have recently found a passion for production. “sweetea” is the first song that I have been considerably proud of, and it is the first song I have distributed to major platforms. The song is about the process of meeting a new girl, what I like about her, and about putting my personality out there for here to take or leave. It was written, recorded and produced by me with a laptop and mic.” – Reilly

Reilly Links: