[Fresh] New Islands – Escapism

[Fresh] New Islands – Escapism

“Escapism is for the music lovers. This upbeat tune describes a trip to the beach, but you don’t need to go anywhere to escape reality. All you need is music. Forget about your worries, just let the music take you far away!”

About New Islands:

New Islands is bedroom pop singer/songwriter, mutli-instrumentalist, and producer Juan Carlos Virgen Jr. from San Bernardino, California. “Bloom” was the project’s debut single released in the Spring of 2019 and gave New Islands a warm welcome into the music scene! “Think jangling guitars with understated harmonies and a beautiful melody that to me recalls Brian Wilson Friends era album” – Glenn W. Love, a musician and friend Juan met through the power of music.

Juan started playing at the age of 4 on a little red piano that came with the song book for The Lion King. The music from Walt Disney’s animated featured and 90’s cartoon theme songs were what caught his attention with music, and without even knowing, he developed an ear to create music throughout the years. Brenton Wood, Latin Oldies, and 90;s Hip Hop were among some of the genre’s Juanito grew up with. In middle school, he got his first guitar and started jamming to all his favorite rock tunes, but that didn’t satisfy his musical creativity. He started writing with his middle school friends and eventually played multiple instruments for different bands in his high school days. In 2019, he released his single “Bloom” for the first time ever as a solo artist, New Islands, and has had a great response to Bedroom Pop scene. His second single, “Holy Smokes”was featured on Spotify’s Lo-Fi Indie playlist and third single “Let’s Jam,Girl” has had fans dancing and even inspired a couple of song covers. In January 2020, New Islands released his debut E.P Bloom which featured all 3 singles.

Juan’s new E.P Para Ti streams on all music platforms Friday June 26th. “Dreaming” is an upbeat jangle pop single released from the new E.P, go stream it and enjoy the vibes!

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