June Pageant – Sleeping In

June Pageant is a Jersey City-based dream pop, alt-pop trio consisting of Lauren Rosato, Oscar Suh-Rodriguez, and Dane Alexander. Their debut album Feather Star features 8 tracks, each a surreal tale of magnificent obsessions, social anxiety, and coming of age told through colorful melodies and dark soundscapes.

“Sleeping In” is track two off our debut album Feather Star. It’s about coming of age and coping with everyday anxiety and boredom.

June Pageant

This song weaves angst into dreamy and upbeat palette of sounds. It’s like angsty, but also motivates you to smile, dance to your anxiety , and let loose. Just so awesome!

You can also listen to the “Sleeping In” on Soundcloud.


I’m tired of sleeping in
Dad’s clothes I’ve been keeping
Drive until I breath
Deeply from the breeze that’s closing in
Pieces at a time
I’ll piece it back to when..

New lies lean in
Shave off this fear again
Deep within me now’s
A hurt I never thought would pin me down
Tougher every time
It’s tough to tell you now

I’m tired of waiting
All roads keep aiming
Toward the foaming sea
Where the waves’ll wash away
All the phony smiles
I’m leaving
I’m leaving

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